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New Planet Movers
Review by on 11/17/2016 6:14:18 PM

- Everyone was very helpful, and I didn't have to worry about broken or missing items.

New Planet Movers
Review by on 10/18/2016 3:33:01 PM

Really Good - I'm at that point where moving is a big task for me because I have a lot of things accumulated throughout the year. These guys helped me so much and they did an incredible job!

New Planet Movers
Review by on 10/7/2016 1:24:49 PM

Local Move - Had a great moving experience with New Planet. We moved locally in Las Vegas. The overall customer service was outstanding everyone in the office as well as the movers are very friendly and profession [More]

New Planet Movers
Review by on 3/20/2013 8:23 PM

Don't use this Company!!! - My wife and I were insulted,their manager in Nevada hung up on us, and were very rude, he even threatened to sue us.I was about to relocate for school from Texas to New York. I had to move with my 5mo [More]

New Planet Movers
Review by on 6/26/2012 6:51 PM

Very poor service - The service was poor. They delivered my stuffs very late of the said date we asked them to deliver. Summer did not know how to deal with her customer and was very rude especially knowing that their co [More]

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